Connecting to MSN

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at
Wed Nov 22 13:21:05 UTC 2006

Em Wednesday 22 November 2006 08:56, Keith Powell escreveu:

> I am trying to find a program, Gnome or KDE, which has the MSN 
> protocol and uses a web cam and a microphone. The nearest I have 
> found is kopete, but that uses a keyboard, not a microphone.

Audio conference is still very alpha stage in linux, unfortunately. But most 
programs by now should accept webcam displays, as well as access your own 
(supported) webcam.

I use amsn because it supports those animated smiley icons that everybody (but 
me) need to talk, and at the time I chose, it was the only one to have that. 
I don't have a webcam myself, but a friend who does can make it work with 
other (gnome) programs, but in amsn the screen other peers receive is dark 
(as if he had the lights very low). One can only see him in the shadows.

Much any program I know for linux is multi-protocol (except for amsn), and 
most are very fine. That's cool, because so many people are beggining to use 
gmail's google talk.

If you use KDE, kopete will integrate with your contacts list, kaddressbook, 
amarok (so you can show what songs you are listening, etc).

You can try also gaim, as it will probably be the first one to support audio 
conference (look for the farsight project).


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