Connecting to MSN

Tchize tchize at
Wed Nov 22 13:15:38 UTC 2006

Keith Powell a écrit :
> Both our daughters are on to me to get a web cam, so that my wife and 
> I can regularly chat to them over the internet. They want to be able 
> to both see us and hear us!
Send them a picture! Just kidding :D
> But they are running WindowsXP and the MSN protocol, which they 
> already use to chat with each other.
> I am trying to find a program, Gnome or KDE, which has the MSN 
> protocol and uses a web cam and a microphone. The nearest I have 
> found is kopete, but that uses a keyboard, not a microphone.
For the voice, you can use skype. It's free, i hate to recommend it
because it's closed source, but at least i know it's working. I think
their latest version include video support under linux. But be careful
with video support, not all webcams are recognized by linux (search the
ubnut wiki there is something about webcams and video 4 linux)
> Alternatively, and here I am showing my ignorance as to if it is 
> possible, is there an additional program which would change, say, the 
> Ekiga's H323 to MSN?  
> Has anyone any ideas, please?
> As a last resort, I could boot-up into Windows, but would rather be 
> able to use Linux. I run Windows as little as possible!
> Many thanks
> Keith

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