opinions about MS Vista

Tchize tchize at myrealbox.com
Wed Nov 22 09:57:17 UTC 2006

Nikolai a écrit :
> Gary Jarrel wrote:
>> This would probably contradict privacy laws of most western world
>> countries? (perhaps a statement without in-depth research from me)
>> but it would be interesting if this specific case was tested in court.
> As far as I know, at this stage nobody's sure if Vista's EULA violates 
> any laws. Remember, the user agrees to be screwed in advance although 
> some believe the EULA doesn't fully disclose how badly one agrees to be 
> screwed which could be a ground for a suit. Hope somebody will take 
> these guys to court over this so called agreement.
> Nikolai

As explained in article, the problem is the notion of self-help. If i
break the EULA, the EULA states i allow microsoft to take action without
ressorting to a court (that mean simply disabling my vista). If i go to
a shop in Belgium, buy a TV on credit and then refuse to pay, the shop
has no right to put in the selling contract that 'in case of non payment
he will get back the TV', he can't do that without first ressorting to a
court showing evidence i'm not paying.

If i rent a car and don't bring it back, the company owning it has not
right to get to me bring me out of the car and get back the car. The
company must first ressort to a court.

I don't know for US countries, but am curious to see what the EULA will
look like in european countries (i bet it will get some corrections)

BTW, one more reason not to go vista in public administration, it would
allow one company to have in hand a button to shutdown the whole state.

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