opinions about MS Vista

Gary Jarrel garyjarrel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 07:42:17 UTC 2006


> For example, "The terms of the Vista EULA, like the current EULA related
> to the "Windows Genuine Advantage," allows Microsoft to unilaterally
> decide that you have breached the terms of the agreement, and they can
> essentially disable the software, and possibly deny you access to
> critical files on your computer without benefit of proof, hearing,
> testimony or judicial intervention..." and so on. This is computer
> Stalinism, no less, and who cares how shiny this is.
> Nikolai

This would probably contradict privacy laws of most western world
countries? (perhaps a statement without in-depth research from me)
but it would be interesting if this specific case was tested in court.


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