When will we have a clipboard that works?

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Wed Nov 22 02:17:06 UTC 2006

I'd like to have a clipboard that just works.  Similar to how it worked
on my Commodore Amiga since 1986,  Windows since 3.1 or thereabouts, and
my mobile phone since the Nokia 7650.

I.e., the clipboard not losing it's marbles after closing the
application/window you copied stuff from. 

I would also like to ditch the old 'X' type auto-copy of stuff when
selecting things.   This is just evil, like try to paste a URL or Google
search term into Firefox.. to delete whatever was in there, most people
would select it and then paste.. but in selecting it, it replaces the
clipboard contents.

That's just nuts.  

No more clipboard-roulette in that you're never quite sure what gets


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