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Tue Nov 21 21:59:32 UTC 2006

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Mustafa Ozkaynak schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I just received an email from a friend (Actually he is a windows lover). He
> attended a session organized by Microsoft to introduce the most recent OS.
> Some of the shining stuff he mentioned about the Vista is as follows:
> 1. Advance sleeping mode. computer can switch mode in 1 second and come
> back
Same speed as my laptop...
> in 2 seconds
> 2. GPO, you can schedule your computer so it switches on automatically at a
> specified time.
do depending on the os
> 3. Superfetch: softwares can work at background and when they are needed
> they come back to foreground  in very short time. so there is almost  no
> loading time.
oh I think there is nothing special about that
> 4. USB drivers can be use as an extention to RAM
ohhh, naugthy "swap on usb"(had this on an usbdisk-only pc)
> 5. BitLocker security system. The data in the system is encrypted  with a
> BIOS information so the Harddisk can not be read on any other computer.
encrypted filesystem
> 6. Built in advance "getting image of HD software" such as ghost.
oh, monoculture os.....
> 7. XPS Document Printer. Iexplorer can show all kinds of documents without
> any extra software (e.g. you can see pdf files without Acrobat).
konqueror in kde, evince & co at gnome
> 8. Advance search engine for the harddisk
beagle, tracker
> 9. Advance recovery system (Windows Recovery Environment)
tar is the simplest, but there are some more comfortable ways
> 10 You can define some specific events and copy these events to another
> computer easily (Mac does this for a while with automator).
upstart :-D (and: cron inetd.....)
> What do you guys think about those. I am happy with my OS (Dappler Drake)
> but these features look pretty promising
They may look new, but Ubuntu has them all.


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