Edgy or Dapper ?

Felix 'buebo' Kakrow buebo at buebo.de
Tue Nov 21 19:28:31 UTC 2006

Am 21.11.06 20:03 schrieb Guillermo Garron <guillermo.fedora at gmail.com>:
> I have seen compiz on fedora6 and it is nice, i would like to have it
> also on my ubuntu PC, but i have read that for iaxgl there is only
> support on FC6 and Ubuntu Edgy, but not on dapper, assuming it's LTS
> dapper is never going to have this things? or I just have to wait a
> little bit more to have it also on dapper, let's say like FC6 and
> CentOS, i Know it is not the best comparison, but kind of, because
> some time later you have somthing on FC you have it on CentOS.

Afaik the updates to Dapper will be strikly feature-stable, meaning no
new features like Compiz, iaxgl, sexy bunnys or other nice stuff.

That's essentially the trade of with a LTS (Long Time Support) system,
you don't get as much sexy stuff to play with, but your system is
supposed to remain pretty much the same it is for the next few years...

        -- Rev. Thomas, Gnostic
         N.Y.C. Cabal
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