Getting rid of the startup splash screen (Edgy)

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Nov 21 14:52:39 UTC 2006

Wei-Yee Chan wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> The smiley was there for a reason.  It's a longstanding gripe (two years,
>> I think - I filed more than one bug) of mine that the *-desktop packages
>> _still_ say that "It is safe to remove this package if some of the
>> desktop
>> system packages are not desired".  Clearly, it is not, and the developers
>> keep saying it is not, but nobody will fix the packages to make it clear
>> that it is not.
> Oic.  Well, I used to have that removed, and everything ran just fine.
> I guess it only poses a problem if U don't have it when your doing an
> upgrade.

I don't use an *-ubuntu package at all - and have never had an issue - but
the developers keep saying you need it for the upgrade.
> In fact, they do have a warning.
> "This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop system
> It is also used to help ensure proper upgrades, so it is recommended that
> it not be removed."

Very interesting - it seems they fixed ubuntu-desktop but NONE of the other
desktop packages...

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