Does boot from hdb2 matter?

Roby electricalsciences at
Tue Nov 21 00:36:54 UTC 2006

Brian Astill wrote:

> OK so I thought that hdb1 and hdb2 were both empty and, as hdb1 is
> slightly larger than hdb2, Ubuntu Edgy would install itself
> there.
> BUT - hdb1 was NOT empty.
> Thus Edgy is on the Active partition which is hdb2, leaving hdb1
> as an area usable for something else.
> Does this arrangement matter?
> Should I erase data from hdb1 and copy ALL hdb2 files to hdb1?
> (That in itself presents problems with symlinks, special system
> files, and the like).
> Would it be OK to leave things as they are and use hdb1 for (eg)
> my clipart collection?
Absolutely OK.  Don't mess with it.

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