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Mon Nov 20 22:29:54 UTC 2006

On 20/11/06, Amr Youssef <ciaoitalyay at> wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> Could you help me to find a program similar to SnagIt and work under
> Ubuntu 6.10
Do you just want something that can record your screen?

If so I know of, recordmydesktop and xvidcap, and Istanbul Desktop
Session Recorder
I have all 3 on Ubuntu 6.06, should work on 6.10 as well.
I like 'recordmydesktop' for ease of use, but it will only record into
Ogg Vorbis which is a pain to edit.
Xvidcap is a little harder to use, but still works well.

for recordmydesktop you probably want to use the GTK frontend, makes
it easier to configure.

None of these have a built in editor though, but then in the Linux way
you can use a separate editor, (still can't find a good Ogg Vorbis
editor, so if you want editing maybe recordmydesktop isn't for you).

- Andy

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