Shutdown Problem with 6.10

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Mon Nov 20 15:54:43 UTC 2006

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 00:58:47 -0600
Gerry Visel <gcvisel at> wrote:

> Does anyone out there know if there is a fix for the inability of
> (k)ubuntu to shutdown the computer?  Since I upgraded from Dapper Drake,
> it just hangs at the shutdown screen and does not shut off the box,
> (like DD.)

Try this perhaps:

"5.1.2 Automatic poweroff stops working"

"On some older systems, shutdown -h will not poweroff anymore (but just
stop the system). This happens because apm needs to be used there. Adding
acpi=off apm=power_off to the kernels command line, e.g. via grub or lilo
configurations file will fix this issue."


It looks like the same bug, although, if your system is recent, the apm
issue may not be the problem. See also


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