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> I am new to linux and I have a pentium 2 upgraded pc running windows xp...
> I want to install ubuntu and I have both the pc version and the 64-bit
> pc version.
> If I put the cd in my pc while its on, it just gives me a menu with
> software that I can install but NO INSTALL BUTTON with both the pc and
> 64-bit pc versions.
> If I try to restart my pc, it doesnt do anything!
> What should I do to install it? Is there a hidden install button?

OK, the Live CDs that you have will only work if you boot up your computer with 1 of the CDs.

The 64 bit version won't do you any good since a Pentium 2 won't support it, so use the PC
version. The main thing is that you need to go into the BIOS setup program when your computer is
just beginning to start up. Computers vary on how they go to the Setup screen, but most just need
you to hit the "Del" key when the monitor is just showing the first screen, known as a POST (Power
on Self Test) screen. If you don't do it until Windows starts loading you won't be able to start
it, and would need to reboot the computer. Easiest thing to do is turn on the computer and hold
down the "Del" key (or whatever key your computer needs, which is probably mentioned below the
POST screen) until it goes to the Setup screen.

Once you have the Setup screen up you'll have to choose from a menu, and may have to look through
2 or 3 screens before finding what drives you can boot from.

Problem is that Pentium 2s may not let you boot them up from a CD-Rom drive, many didn't support
it then. In that case you'll need to make a boot floppy, start the computer with the floppy, then
start the CD-Rom from there. 

Ted Quick
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