Giving up on Edgy

Chanchao custom at
Mon Nov 20 07:00:24 UTC 2006

Michael Satterwhite wrote:

<Some excellent comments>

I don't think there's a need for anyone to get all defensive on this.. 
After reading every post here I think some very good observations came 
out of it.

* Edgy is not as rock-solid as OpenBSD, or Dapper, even.
* This could be made more clear to new users than it currently is.
   Not everyone realises what 'bleeding edge' implies.  Also not everyone
   knows how incredibly minor the differences between Edgy and Dapper
   are from a USAGE point of view. Chances are you could give a newbie
   either version to use for a week and they wouldn't be able to
   tell which is the newer one, or how they're different at all.

So going forward, for future releases that are in the Edgy-realm of 
stability, it could be good to name those 'xxxxxxxx'-releases, where 
'xxxxxxx' is a word the marketing people come up with that infers that 
it's more suitable for enthousiasts & experienced users and less 
suitable to roll out in your business, school or organization.

[ 'xxxxxxxx' should not be 'beta' or 'development' or 'testing'.. 
Something sexier that however does disclaim claim rock-solid stability.
Kind of the version you have an affair with on the side rather than the 
version you marry. :-)) ]


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