Subject: Re: Problem with Palm Sync under Edgy Kbuntu

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Mon Nov 20 01:18:07 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 02:03 +0100, Mario Vukelic wrote:
> There are instructions for downloading the source code and compiling
> the application here:
> You might want to read and try, then google and/or ask questions on
> the list as you go 

In addition to the suggestions above, do this as a start:

sudo apt-get install build-essentials

(This will install a basic compilation environment in Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get build-dep kpilot

(This will install all that is needed to compile kpilot as far as apt
knows. At the least this will get you most of the way)

Then get the source as explained on the website and follow the compile
instructions - according to the site simply cd into the source directory
and start the compile with "make". I suppose that to actually install
the binary after compiling you  will have to do a "make install", at
least that's the standard procedure. If so, I would recommend to install
the checkinstall package and then instead of just running "make
install", run "checkinstall make install". This will create a *.deb
package which you can then install by doubleclicking and, more
importantly, easily uninstall. "make install" on its own would simply
copy the files into your file system and possibly make it hard to remove
them again (not all source packages provide a "make uninstall" option)

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