Subject: Re: Problem with Palm Sync under Edgy Kbuntu

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> El Domingo 19 Noviembre 2006 20:43, davidscottanderson at escribi?:
> > I recently upgraded to Edgy and added KDE desktop.
> > Finally  I can use Kpilot and Kontact to Sync my Palm lifedrive.
> > The problem is that every time I sync, som of my data is erased from the
> > palm. I understand that this is a documented problem and that the
> solution
> > is to change the version of kpilot. Can someone help this noob through
> > this?
> I had a similar issue. I can copy from palm to kpilot but not from kpilot
> from
> palm. I'm also try with jpilot and works fine, so, I'm lost on this issue.
> -

I also have luck with Jpilot, that is what is so confusing. I want to use
the Kapps, Jpilot is fine, it is kind of a workhorse, sort of like Palm
Desktop in Windows, ugly but functional. I want the  advanced functionality
of the KApps. There has got to be someone on this list who understands the
issues here.

Apparently the version of Kpilot that lives here:

Will resolve the issue.
I have no idea how to get this version or install it. Is there anyone who
can help? Sorry, I am so new to Linux that I still am not up on alternative
repositories or installing such software. Is there a simple command(s) I can
use in the terminal to get the codeyard version and install it?
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