subject: Re: Giving up on Edgy

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Nov 19 18:32:36 UTC 2006

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:
> On Sunday 19 November 2006 11:16, my mailbox was graced by a missive
>  from Michael Satterwhite <michael at> who wrote:
>> But that says it all. I use my system for productive work. I *DO* expect
>> it to boot on the first try using my LCD monitor ... it can't.
> Maybe we should keep to LTS releases for machines used in productive work ?

Then you are acknowledging that the majority of Linux boxes are not used
for productive work and that the majority of Ubuntu releases are not of
sufficient quality to be considered for productive work (the majority of
releases aren't LTS)? That *IS* the logical conclusion to be drawn from
that statement.

That admission in and of itself would be sufficient reason to recommend
abandoning Ubuntu.

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