subject: Re: Giving up on Edgy

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Nov 19 18:24:58 UTC 2006

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

> I'd be interested in seeing that list, the error message you've gotten
> from the attempts you've made to get things working, and some log
> output from your system.  So far all I've seen is general complaints
> about hardware that, yes, really should work out of the box.  Perhaps
> the problems lie in hardware,  not software.

You must not have been paying attention on this list (not incredibly
surprising. The list is active enough that I doubt *ANYONE* has the time
to read *EVERYTHING* on it!). I've addressed problems in multiple
messages, received some suggestions, none of which solved the problems.

As to it being hardware ... shades of the IBM / CDC / Sperry Mainframe
days. Any time a problem came up, the immediate first response was to
try pointing a finger in another direction. When hardware works fine
under other OS's (like Windows, I can dual boot) and versions (like
Ubuntu 5.10) and the machine ceases to work correctly when all that
changed was the software (to Ubuntu 6.10), no rational being would say
it sounds like a hardware problem.

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