subject: Re: Giving up on Edgy

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Nov 19 14:16:11 UTC 2006

David Armour wrote:
> noobie central, here. i'm sorry you're feeling so bummed about your 
> experience with edgy. my experience has been, essentially, quite 
> positive. 24 h upgrading from dapper notwithstanding! how *can* you 
> trust the release after edgy? i suppose it depends on what you're trying 
> to do with it. i'm not expecting v. much, either in terms of flipping 
> the bird to microsoft, or in practical terms like finding a way to phone 
> long distance for free, or making a cad-drawing for a woodworking project.

But that says it all. I use my system for productive work. I *DO* expect
it to boot on the first try using my LCD monitor ... it can't. It would
be nice if my Soundblaster Live! card (hardly exotic hardware) could be
made to work. There are a dozen other things that aren't right, but
minor by comparison.

> but i can PRINT, and scan (with a saved-from-the-dumpster scanner 
> ferkrissakes!), and play music (sibelius' valz triste), and download 
> mp3s, and finish crosswords using a spreadsheet (!), and browse the web 
> to find out how to do a whole whack o' stuff without getting in my car 
> to drive to a library, and email my pals, for the monthly cost of 
> subscribing to an isp, for 'free' (linux is free if you don't count your 
> time!)!

I'm glad it's working for you. For that matter, I'm glad it's working
for those it does - but clearly that's not the case for more than just
just me.

> seems fair, to me, scots background notwithstanding. ymmv. let us know 
> how you make out with debian/fedora. i really am sorry you've had such a 
> bad experience with ubuntu. bummer.

In theory, ubuntu would still be my favorite distro. It doesn't take
many releases like Edgy to really mar what had been a sterling reputation.

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