Delete files from a CD-RW

Andy stude.list at
Sun Nov 19 01:15:09 UTC 2006


I am using Ubuntu 6.06LTS

I can't see to find out how to delete a file off a CD-RW, Nautilus
won't let me delete direct from the CDs folder display (not surprising
really), but it won't display the files in the CD creator folder so I
can't remove files.

I can add a new file and then it asks to erase all the files that are
already there, but then I get left with the file I pointlessly added.

So my questions:
1. Can I selectively delete files from a CD-RW (or do I need to copy
all the files I don't want to remove into the CD creator and tell it
to erase?)
2. How do I add a file to a disc without destroying whats on it at the
moment (do I again need to copy all the files off the disc into the
CD-creator folder along with the added files?)
3. How do I completely blank a disc?

I am trying to do this in the standard file browser, nautilus. Is
there any other programs that are meant to be used for this?

It seems like it would be a smart move to automatically list all the
files on the CD in the Cd-creator so you can delete and append to that
if that.

I tried blanking the disc by putting nothing in the CD creator folder
and clicking write to disc, but it told me I must have a file there


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