Giving up on Edgy

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sat Nov 18 17:06:19 UTC 2006

Thilo Six wrote:
> Michael Satterwhite wrote the following on 18.11.2006 16:49:
>> I don't want to, but I'm going to have to give up on Ubuntu. Still no
>> sound - although several people have tried to help and I do thank you.
>> Much worse is the "Out of Range" error that appears on some boots. If I
>> log off my system and leave the machine up (for background backups,
>> etc), at some point it will crash with either a black screen or an "Out
>> of Range". This is whether I'm in kdm or gdm.
>> I really like Ubuntu, but the latest release shouldn't have been
>> released, it wasn't ready. Googling around the net, the "Out of Range"
>> error I described was known before the release. There is no excuse for a
>> release with a problem of that magnitude outstanding.
> You have read:

Let's see .... you reference an announcement about a *BETA* version in
April as a defense of a *FINAL RELEASE* in October. If you go to the
Ubuntu website and look at "choosing a version" there isn't even a hint
of the "warning" you reference. Any rational being would expect such a
warning to be present if it were still operative (you expect BETA
software to be risky - which is why most people don't install it). Until
and unless there is a similar warning on the website telling people that
6.10 isn't safe, then expect that to be the version downloaded and
installed. It isn't a defense to say "but we warned you that the beta
version wasn't safe."

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