Can't print to CUPS from WinXP

Mitch Contla mcontla at
Fri Nov 17 19:35:48 UTC 2006

Jens Cedlind said the following on 11/17/2006 08:40 AM:
> Hi,
> I've set up CUPS on one machine (running Edgy), and I can print from 
> both the machine the printer (an old HP LaserJet 4L) is connected to, 
> and from other Edgy machines on my home network.
> The problem comes when trying to print from WinXP machines, using both 
> the default driver Windows installs and the PostScript driver found on 
> HP website.
> It's set up to allow connections from, 10.0.0.*.
> access_log shows:
> - - [17/Nov/2006:17:08:37 +0100] "POST /printers/LaserJet-4L 
> HTTP/1.0" 200 35795 Print-Job client-error-not-possible
> for each tried printjob and multiple
> - - [17/Nov/2006:17:09:04 +0100] "POST /printers/LaserJet-4L 
> HTTP/1.1" 200 185 Get-Jobs successful-ok
>  From this, it seems to me that the client can connect and get queue 
> info ok, but when it tries to print, CUPS doesn't understand the data 
> sent. (Wild guess on my part)
> I've googled high and low for a few hours now, and only relevant info, 
> was that this might happen if there was no quota set.
> I tried setting quota to 100 pages during 1 hours, no sizelimit.
> cups error_log shows nothing.
> I've tried using both http:// and ipp:// as printer URIs, both without 
> any luck.
> The admin pages and printer info etc can be access fine from the WinXP 
> machines.
> It should be mentioned that I'm *not* running Samba on the computer, 
> although most guides out there tells you to set up both. I really don't 
> find it relevant when using the IPP/HTTP protocols for printing.
> Please correct me if I'm just stubborn and wrong :p
> ty in advance,
> Jens Cedlind
> PS: sorry if it's a tad out of bounds for this list.
I have never had any problems printing from a Win2000/XP box to Ubuntu
without samba. I am currently running Dapper and setup my Win printers
using the steps I posted in the Ubuntu forums:

I have occasionally had some problems with driver variations (especially
PCL), but the stock HP PS driver has always worked.

Could you provide some more details on your configuration?


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