Gone !

Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 17 14:58:40 UTC 2006

On 17/11/06, Steve Flynn <anothermindbomb at gmail.com> wrote:
> By reading every message you get form this list - unsubscribe instructions
> are that the bottom of every one.

he said temporarily!

the temporary method is:
1 go to <https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-users>
2 scroll to bottom and enter email in box and click 'unsubscribe or
edit options'
3 type in you password an click login
4 scroll to where it says 'mail delivery' and change this to 'disabled'
5 click 'submit my changes'
6 when you return repeat above, but change disabled to enabled in step 4

- Andy

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