6.10 not shutting power off

Francisco Borges f.borges at rug.nl
Fri Nov 17 09:50:22 UTC 2006

: On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 12:33AM +0000, John wrote:

> I'm a recent convert to Ubuntu and have installed 6.10 on my (rather
> ancient, in computer years) Dell Inspiron laptop.
> Whereas all previous operating systems, including SuSE 10.0, have
> shutdown and swithced off the power, U6.10 does not.
> I've tried a live U6.06 and this works fine.
> What's happened in 6.10 and how can I put the matter right?

I also own a Dell Inspiron (6400) that is running 6.10.

It powers off normally.

Two observations:


I am running Kubuntu (i.e. KDE), if you search the Ubuntu bug list, you
will see some bugs related to people being unable to logoff from Gnome.
(Gnome logout fails regularly for me). Could this be your problem? That
you are trying to shutdown from inside Gnome, and Gnome won't do it
because it's locked?

That happens because some other program holds Gnome, and as far as I
could tell, Gnome itself is unable to catch programs that don't behave
as it expects. Can somebody that knows Gnome better comment on this last


Rarely on 6.06 running KDE, the system would indeed fail to power
off. But that has been rare, once, or at most twice, a month.


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