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Scott geekboy at
Thu Nov 16 20:35:09 UTC 2006

Silent Ph03nix spake thusly on 11/15/2006 03:10 PM:

>> Canada
> I've noticed the same thing myself.  If I'm going to run kubuntu, I load 
> ubuntu first, then load kubuntu-desktop and it seems to run better than a 
> stock kubuntu load and much better than kubuntu load then loading 
> ubuntu-desktop on top of that. 

I found that the case back with Hoary and Breezy, but not with Dapper
and Edgy.

However, I decided this time around to install Ubuntu and then use
Synaptic to Install kubuntu-desktop. However as soon as I selected
Kubuntu-desktop, I deselected a dependency I didn't want (that being the
Kubuntu Usplash).  I've always found it a bitch to try to get the Ubuntu
Usplash artwork to be the default. So my solution now is not to allow
the Kubuntu Usplash to install in the first place.

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