Alternative to gstreamer & lib-xine

albi albinootje albinootje at
Thu Nov 16 17:04:13 UTC 2006

On 11/16/06, David Berg <drberg1000 at> wrote:
> Playing a movie on my system using lib-xine causes a audio sync problems
> with dvds which makes watching a dvd rather frustrating.  Gstreamer
> doesn't have DVD menu support yet and as a result I can't always see
> with I want on a DVD.
> Is there any other backend I can use while bugs and features are sorted
> out?

mplayer, ogle, vlc, and totem should all be able to play dvd's properly,
you might have to do some post-install manually though, YMMV

a working mplayer is usually the best, although i like totem with xine-backend

..did you enable DMA for your dvd-drive ?

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