Edgy on a Dell Latitude D820

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Tue Nov 14 13:23:06 UTC 2006

Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 14:35 -0700, Jon wrote:
>> My first post...
>> I can only answer #1.
>> You will need to install an SMP kernel.
> This is no longer true with edgy - it was for Dapper. If you run the
> useful commands listed below you'll see that both are already running
> with the 'generic' kernel.

Ah, correct. I only ran Edgy long enough to find out that it didn't 
behave very well on my system and then I went back to Dapper. You are 
correct, though. In that brief time, the kernel I wanted was indeed 
'generic' and not 'smp'.



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