Palm/Kontact Woes

David S. Anderson davidscottanderson at
Thu Nov 16 05:08:30 UTC 2006

Greetings fellow ubuntuers! I have been experimenting with Ubuntu for about
a month now. I must say that I have really had only two problems, one I cant
seem to get my IBM Thinkpad T-40's CD burner to work, and two and most
importantly, I have gone through nightmares trying to get my Palm Lifedrive
to sync reliably. I finally got it to sync fine with Jpilot under Edgy, and
was pretty happy with that.

Then I installed Kdesktop (God do I love it), and finally I got Kpilot to
work... sort of... I can get my LD to sync allright, (Syncing to Kontact),
but it does not seem to work both ways. The first time I did it, it dropped
everything nicely into Kontact, but deleted ALL of the Appointments from my
Palm. I jumped back into Windows, had outlook overwrite the Palm, and then
synced again. This time it again passed the calendar items to Kontact, but
did not move a test appointment I had put in contact onto the Palm. It also
wiped my entire address book. This is the one thing I MUST get to work in
order to make the complete transition from WINDOZE. Any help is appreciated.
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