ubuntu-kubuntu-xubuntu on one box

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Thu Nov 16 04:43:22 UTC 2006

I would do it only for a test system.  I've tried that with Xubuntu
before, and indeed you get a lot of mess in your menus.. Xubuntu
installs it's own terminal, it's own editor, its own file manager, etc,

Also your login manager / boot up process gets messy. It's anyone's
guess if it will load showing 'Ubuntu' or 'Kubuntu' or 'Xubuntu'.. 

I never was able to succesfully get rid of ALL of it again, like it
still persisted with Xubuntu's login manager.. 

In the end I just replaced the lot with Ubuntu-Edgy.

The good news is that Kubuntu and Xubuntu all suck (Xubuntu sucks less
though, this is ok for older hardware), so no need to go there. :)   

Kif Kyou Kneed Ka Kubuntu Kapplication Kthen Kjust.... , ok :), then
just install it the usual way on Ubuntu. Then you receive minimum Kgunk.

I just installed Skype whuch looks suspicously KDE-ish.. Yet it was an
easy .deb download and install, it got some Kgunk I guess, but nothing
that would get in the way of overall happiness.  


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