Resume from hibernate on edgy changes swap to swsusp,,Hi,

Charlie Zender zender at
Thu Nov 16 03:28:16 UTC 2006


Since upgrading from dapper to edgy, my hibernate and swap are broken.
Hibernation itself seeems to work. However, after I resume from
hibernation, the filesystem type of my swap partition changes from
swap (correct) to swsusp (incorrect).

zender at virga:~$ sudo vol_id -t /dev/mapper/Ubuntu-swap_1

[hibernated, resume]

zender at virga:~$ sudo vol_id -t /dev/mapper/Ubuntu-swap_1

Yes, my swap partition is handled by LVM.
Naturally, swap does not like this state of affairs and so is
inactive. What can explain this strange behavior? What can fix it?
This all used to work fine with dapper.

Charlie Zender, surname at, Department of Earth System Science
3228 Croul Hall, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 92697-3100. (949) 824-2987 :)

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