Edgy Upgrade......................

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Thu Nov 16 02:38:51 UTC 2006

...worked pretty flawlessly. :) 

* Was that option to rotate the entire screen to a vertical position
there before or is that new?  COOL!!   I look ridiculous  with my Laptop
on its side, but hey, people think I'm weird anyway. :)

* I noticed the 'delete'-something icon is now a shredder.. That's a bit
unfortunate.. As shredding is quite a different thing from moving
something to the trash.  I think this needs to change, it's a security
risk when a function pretends/implies to shred something (i.e. securely)
but actually just moves it into the trash, or performs a normal
filesystem 'remove'.

* Also noticed that Alacarte disappeared..  Ok it was a weird buggy
little (*#$&(*#, but it did do the job when persisting enough.. 

* F_spot.. Yuck.  Not to mention that it crashed on indexing my
pictures.  When trying to uninstall it it turns out it's married to the
'ubuntu-desktop' package, which I know from the past caused all kinds of
tantrums when removed and trying to upgrade later..  Guess I'm stuck
with it. 

* 'Disks' is gone... Now how do people enable disks, cards, windows
partitions et al?  vi into /etc/ftab?  I liked 'Disks'! It let me know
what storage stuff was present, what it was called, and even allowed me
to mount things (when run as root).  Before unleashing my magic
in /etc/ftab I always checked 'Disks' to see what a device or partition
was called.. But I guess I can check the Device Manager for that.

* Whats that 'RAID Disks Management (mdadm)' service?  I is not use
raid, I is just using a $600 laptop.. Can I disable this service?

* Speaking of services, there's loads of new ones that I don't know what
they do, and some seem to double up.. Like I have two different power
management services (acpid and apmd), two different printing services
(cupsys and hplip), two computer activity loggers (klogd and sysklogd),
two action schedulers (anacron and atd)..  Is I really in need of all
those?  If I select one and click 'Help' then I just get the overview of
how to use the services panel itself.

Overall though... Upgrade went fine, I'm a happy now living on the edge.
I mean, with windows that are now rounded on the bottom side and all so
I'm less likely to cut myself on them. Ubuntu cares about me, like
seriously! :-)

Kidding aside though I think I would pick Edgy to install for new users
of Ubuntu. Not that there's THAT much difference between Edgy and
Dapper, but I think there's enough support/knowledge/experience out
there now with Edgy to go that route.


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