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rpowersau at wrote:
> On 11/16/06, Gary Jarrel <garyjarrel at> wrote:
>> I figured that something like dd might to the trick, I was thinking of
>> creating an ISO image of the primary partition, placing that onto the
>> hidden partition. Then I need an option to make the hidden partition
>> bootable, to avoid using any floppies. It could boot into a linux
>> based distribution such as ubuntu I guess, and present the user with a
>> menu allowing them to override the contents on the first partition

    Before we get too far afield...

    This is something that I've seen, and wanted to do. Personally, I
get a great deal of joy from re-using a 'hidden' partition from a
Windows disk, not only for doubling the size of the drives, but to make
a 'fallback' partition (but this time for Linux).

    If you get any part of this worked out, and email me the details,
I'll do the Wiki page for this- that's how much I want to know about it.
And I keep a spare system around for such research. I just can deal with
it now, 'cause I'm fighting this pam-stuff...

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