Okay which one ?

Rich Lott rl5 at shinyblue.net
Wed Nov 15 23:51:58 UTC 2006

I have a D-Link DWL-G650 Air Plus /and/ it works with WPA PSK and I'm 
running Edgy (works on dapper and Debian Etch too) on a Dell C640 laptop.

I'd say it's more "plug and fiddle" though, but I do have very 
particular network setup needs.

I have mine successfully set up as follows

* ndiswrapper kernel module I compiled myself because the one that comes 
with Edgy's kernel is old and didn't work (wouldn't insert).

* wpasupplicant. rapidly developing thing, with constantly changing config.

* guessnet + my own wrapper script. Figures out where I am (at home or 
at work, or somewhere else) and selects my fixed ip, or if I'm 
"somewhere else", looks for dhcp offers. My own wrapper script simply 
runs guessnet up to 10 times before giving up. I've found that it 
usually takes 2 or 3 runs to properly figure it out.

However there are serious problems too. I think this is ndiswrapper (or 
even the Windoze drivers it uses), or it could be a bug in my laptop's 
BIOS. When I've used the card, at some point after it, I can expect the 
whole darn system to lock up and not respond to /anything/. If you're in 
a hurry to have your system freeze you can try to suspend and resume, 
this usually encourages the behaviour. At other times it's the instant 
you remove the card, but as I say, it's often v. random.

hope this helps.

By the way, my router is a D-Link G604-T. If you're thinking of getting 
one: DON'T. It /should/ be good (runs linux!) but is quite poor IMO:


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