File Server and Raid

Richard Brown rich at
Wed Nov 15 11:01:02 UTC 2006

Hi Johan

On 15/11/06, Johan Ramm-Ericson <ubuntu at> wrote:
> On the whole, I agree with your description Russel. However; Richard, it
> might be a good idea for you to read this :
> It's sort of dry and technical (most manuals are) but getting some
> understanding of what's involved will probably save you headache later...
Thanks for the link. I haven't read it yet but will do. It seems that
I made a mistake at some point. Is it possible to format the drives as
ext 2/3 and swap and then raid array the drives after that. In my drop
down menu when partitioning the drives it actually states raid as an
option in partitioning and that is what I thought I should select. The
reason I ask is that I can easily start again - I want to get it right
and I know that I could troubleshoot but I feel it is better to start
from a good point rather than trying to troubleshoot a flawed install.
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