Getting a newer version on dapper: dapper-backports? edgy?

Joris Dobbelsteen Joris at
Wed Nov 15 01:33:01 UTC 2006


I'm looking for a newer "heartbeat-2" package, however I'm running
dapper (6.06 LTS) - yes that because of the LTS.

When looking on the and searching for
heartbeat-2, it points to edgy.
However I don't seem to spot it in the backports. What am I missing or
is it just not in the backports?
Of course, how to get it anyways, as the 2.0.2 lacks some thing that
would make using the tool a lot easier.

How can I get the newer 2.0.7 version?

Now I got het chance, add the further question: how to find out what
packages are installed (and from what source with regard to security


- Joris
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