File Server and Raid

Richard Brown rich at
Tue Nov 14 18:23:18 UTC 2006

Hi Gabe

On 14/11/06, Gabriel Dragffy <dragffy at> wrote:
> Hmm I didn't read in your post that the resolution was up the creek.
> But that's a very good point, I have installed a server and set the res
> to something like 1024x768 but when the system boots to the prompt only
> half the screen is used. What's the fix for that then?
Not quitre sure what I did that fixed that! One minute it wasn't next
minute it was! I'll try and see if I can work it out.

In the meantime, my problem is not fixed. I booted from the
alternative disk and set-up my hard drive as follows:
Hard Drive One
10 gig / root and bootable - ext3
1 gig swap
220 gig + /home - raid 1

Hard Drive Two
10 gig /tmp - ext3
1 gig swap
220 gig + /home - raid 1

What has happened is that the 10 gig /root has been configured with a
/home partition and is only 6.5 gig in size. How do I stop Ubuntu
doing this and use the /home 220 gig and raid the data. To be honest I
am beginning to think it would be easier to mount the second hard
drive in a caddy and use it as a backup drive!

Any ideas please?

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