Will open source Java be in ubuntu?

Shu Hung (Koala) koalay at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 17:42:50 UTC 2006

I'm not sure I understood it right, but Sun said Java is going GPL:

13.November.2006—Sun believes deeply in creating communities and sharing
> innovations and technologies to foster more participation. Today in a
> historic move, Sun is opening the door to greater innovation by open
> sourcing key Java implementations—Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE),
> Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME), and Java Platform Enterprise Edition
> (Java EE)—under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2), the same
> license as GNU/Linux

If Java is under GNU/GPL version 2, then ubuntu should be able to include it
by default!!!
Will that be the case?

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