MBR not valid after Dapper installation

Roland Englmann englmann at ikkf.de
Tue Nov 14 16:53:13 UTC 2006


I installed Dapper Drake on an Acer TravelMate 290 (Pentium M 1,4 Ghz, 512 MB 
RAM, 40 GB HDD) without any further complications. Booting for the first time 
after installation stops after BIOS initialization, displaying the following 

"Hard disk boot sector invalid.
Press 'H' to retry hard disk. Any other key for floppy"

I cannot interpret this messages because beforehand the laptop was installed 
with Windows 2K and booted without interruption. By pressing the "any other 
key" :) the laptop boots grub (?) from CD (Dapper live cd). If "Boot from 
hard disk" is chosen from the CD menu, the system comes up like expected from 
a freshly installed box.

Any help out there? It's a company laptop, we just migrated the whole office 
to linux (gentoo) and all laptops will be installed with kubuntu. You see, I 
have some credits to loose for linux... :)

Oh, another thing: the system was installed using the graphical installer from 
the live cd. It worked smoothly with three laptop installations before.

Really, any help is most appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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