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Steve Flynn anothermindbomb at
Tue Nov 14 16:46:37 UTC 2006

On 14/11/06, South Walney Information Management <info at>
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> Is it my imagination or has my system slowed down significantly since I
> upgraded from Edgy to Dapper?

Possibly you, the system or even both.

I find this especially with my broadband link.  The broadband itself is
> fine - it talks at lightning speed to my PDA and to my phone - and
> there's nothing untoward with the wireless connection, but collecting
> mail and using the Internet frequently slows down to nothing with
> regular connection timeouts.
> This has happened only since the Dapper ---> Edgy upgrade.

What does the output of an ifconfig give you? Are you connected to your
router wirelessly or via an ethernet cable? Was this the same set up whilst
you were on Dapper (I presume it is, but it never hurts to ask).

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