USB device permissions... again

ac "aec$news" at
Tue Nov 14 15:45:07 UTC 2006

Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> I have an external hard drive formatted with FAT32, when connected (and
> a user belonging to the plugdev group is logged in) then it get's
> auto-mounted and gets the permissions 700 for whoever plugged it in.
> Is there a simple way of adjusting what permissions this particular
> device gets mounted with?

I am no expert, but had a similar sounding issue with a usb stick.

I also used Kubuntu - so the details may be slightly different:

In System settings, there was a disk and filesystems screen , and I 
could use the admin level to change the ownership from root to (user).

There will also of course be methods of usingc ommand line etc.

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