NEW - Why source code programs do not compile?

James Gray james at
Tue Nov 14 14:24:24 UTC 2006

On 15/11/2006, at 1:08 AM, Miguel Cardenas wrote:

> Hello list
> I have a doubt about source code in Ubuntu... why some programs by  
> sources do not compile? the compiler returns undefined symbol or  
> something like... for example am trying to compile KVIrc (from  
> and it fails because undefined symbols. Not system  
> library symbols, symbols from the KVIRC, and am sure it is not  
> KVIRC bug since the same sources compile in slackware, freebsd,  
> fedora, etc. I got some errors compiling xosview, by fortune they  
> were available as package, but there are a lot more that are  
> available only as source and don't know what to do...
> Thanks for your comments
> -- 
> Miguel Cardenas

Compiling from source requires the development libraries for the  
components your software needs.  For instance, kvirc requires the Qt  
libraries.  No big deal, they are already there if you are running  
KDE, however these are RUNTIME libraries.  The development libraries  
are ADDITIONAL and in the packaging system are usually suffixed with  

So you need the Qt runtimes to run pre-compiled stuff, but you need  
the Qt *development* libraries AS WELL to compile Qt applications  
from source (like kvirc).

BTW, did you read this:



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