Ubuntu has corrupted my file !

Waqas Toor waqasnasirtoor at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 12:09:41 UTC 2006

On 11/14/06, James Gray <james at grayonline.id.au> wrote:
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> On 14/11/2006, at 7:59 PM, sebastien wrote:
> > ARGH ! ! !
> >
> > Dont understand what has happened.
> > Yesterday I was working under openoffice spreadsheet normally & shut
> > down as usual (as far as I can remember).
> >
> > This morning Ubuntu's boot make a fsck (check forced, boot 30 times
> > without check). And I cannot access to my file ! My so precious
> > file on
> > which I have worked so much !
> AFAIK only non-journalling file systems impose this mandatory fsck
> after a certain number of reboots etc.  Why not use (at least) ext3
> or reiserfs/jfs/xfs???

mostly i hapened with me too ... but in the case of dual boot ... with
windows and ubuntu... and when i use fat from ubuntu then at startup there
is a forced dosfsck ,,, and every time i do it it checks the disk... i dont
know how to stop it but its there ... but never corrupted my file uptill now

Secondly, I doubt *very* much that Ubuntu (Linux) is solely
> responsible for your dilemma - are you sure there's not an underlying
> hardware issue (like a dying hard drive?).  What's the output of
> "badblocks /dev/???" where ???=your hard drive.

may be that is the issue with the filesystem ... so do a complete fsck
either you have done it or not and try opening that file ... if the file is
on vfat ... try moving it into ext file system and then try again ... hope
it works

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