Dual boot WinXP and Ubuntu 6.10 in desktop and laptop using NTLDR

Zhengguo Xu tworiversfolk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 00:25:24 UTC 2006

thanks for the quick response. basically what i've done is same as yours.
bootpart is a software to make the boot image of linux. same as dd command i

and i do edit the boot.ini but i still got missing hal.dll message.

i've already formatted the 2nd disk for reinstall ubuntu. but before that,
i'd like to hear some advice on this problems in case it appears again.

thanks again. :-)

On 11/14/06, Mario Vukelic <mario.vukelic at dantian.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 23:55 +0100, Zhengguo Xu wrote:
> > I decide to use NTLDR as boot loader in case something goes wrong then
> > I done have to reinstall windows, which is a pain in the ass.
> >
> I use the Windows boot manager regularly to boot Linux, and it is a
> pretty straightforward operation. I certainly never needed to use
> bootpart for it, whatever that is.
> I simply follow these steps:
>       * Install Ubuntu until completed. Write down the partition used
>         for "/"
>       * Boot with the Ubuntu Live CD
>       * Use dd to copy the bootsector using this command: 'dd
>         if=/dev/hda2 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1'. (Replace
>         "/dev/hda2" with the actual partition written down in previous
>         step)
>       * Copy the file bootsect.lnx to a USB stick
>       * Boot Windows
>       * Copy bootsect.lnx to the C: drive and edit boot.ini
>       * Done
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