Gnome wont logout

Francisco Borges f.borges at
Mon Nov 13 11:43:40 UTC 2006


I run Edgy ("Kubuntu") and had ubuntu-desktop installed long ago to play
with it. Yesterday I created an account for my girlfriend, so that she
could use Linux a bit.

1. The first problem was that the "KDE add user thingy" or KDM, gave her
   Gnome as default and not KDE. (but that is a Kubuntu bug I know).

2. The second problem was that: Gnome would *not* logout. I clicked some
   5 times on the logout button, another 5 times on the logout option at
   the menu. But Gnome seemed to ignore that.

Does anyone has any idea why is this happening?

Unless Gnome takes 30 seconds to start logging out, I sure have a
problem on my Gnome setup.

Any other way to *force* Gnome to let go and logout, other than
something in the lines of "kill -9 -1"?


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