Advice for possible convert to Ubuntu

Chanchao custom at
Mon Nov 13 09:02:17 UTC 2006

Anthony Yarusso wrote:

>> 1. Does Ubuntu's installation allow for command line only operation?

Sure. Pick the Server install disk.

>> 2. Does Ubuntu support Reiser file system or must I convert my secondary 
>> disks to Etc3?

Yes. I prefer Reiser myself.  (v. 3)

>> 3. Can I simply copy my existing .conf files over those generated during 
>> the installation process or do I have to start from scratch? (I'm 
>> running bind, dhcp, postfix, CUPS, Apache, PHP. postgresql & Subversion 
>> among others.)

Almost certainly not.. Because things might be installed in different 
folders, slightly different versions used, etc.   Of course having the 
old files will make it quicker to configure things, but by blindly 
copying config files I think you'd be inviting trouble and end up 
wasting more money than you gain.

Why would you like to move by the way?


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