What does this error message mean

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sun Nov 12 17:10:47 UTC 2006

On Sunday 12 November 2006 11:59, Wade Smart wrote:
> 11122006 1055 GMT-6
> Got it:
> Nov 12 10:52:19 wadesmart postfix/smtpd[7936]: warning:
> database /etc/aliases.db is older than source file /etc/aliases

This is at least part of your problem.  Your alias database is out of date.  
This is usually caused by not running postalias after you updated your alias 
file.  This is:

sudo postalias /etc/aliases

Try that and see what you get.

Also, note that this is a warning.  Anytime Postfix logs a warning, you ought 
to understand why.  Some of the them are benign in some cases, but you ought 
to understand them.  All warnings are logged in /var/log/mail.warn.  You 
ought to be checking that and mail.err (for actual errors) to make sure your 
system is operating correctly.

Scott K

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