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Sat Nov 11 16:19:26 UTC 2006

That sounds like a pretty good bet to me. Remember that linux machines can access both NFS and Samba shares so it may only be necessary to use Samba and it's not too complicated to setup. I'm not sure about using Samba and NFS simultaneously for sharing files for reading and writing, I have a hunch though that you may encouter some unexpected difficulties.

Anyway just try doing it with Samba only and if it won't work exactly the way you want it to then consider setting up NFS, or even perhaps a basic FTP or SFTP server system. FTP is completely platform independant and you'll find that linux machines can interact with it (especially Gnome or KDE) in much the same way as a local disc.

>   I would like to have one computer with all of our open office
>documents, that way we do not wind up with multiple versions of the same
>documents. My idea is to use samba to share the files with windows xp
>machines and NFS to share with Ubuntu machines. Is this the best way to
>do this. It is a small network with 5 computers.
>                    Thanks
>                    Linda

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