Orca edgy not installing

Sergei V. Fleytin fleytin at yandex.ru
Fri Nov 10 13:47:33 UTC 2006

Hello, all.

As far as the installation of latest ubuntu distribution is concerned,
I would like to share with my personal experience. 

1. Pressing F5, 3, and enter (twice) did not work for me.

2. Booting from the CD without any startup options worked fine. I've
been able to start orca manually. 

3. I successfully installed ubuntu yes-free, by running orca as root
before launching ubiquity. 

4. The only problem I have with the installer is that I can not select
my time zone. I chose English as my default language (since it is the
only one supported by the tts engine), but when I try to select my
timezone in the next dialog, orca just stop speaking after a few

5. If I just bypass this step, all other steps go quite smoothly and
installation finishes without problem. I get a talking system after
the reboot, with all my other operating systems added to the grub
menu, functioning network etc...

With best regards,


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