Accessing NTFS

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Fri Nov 10 23:46:41 UTC 2006

Linux does not yet reliably write to NTFS  partitions.  Although I have
heard rumors of  new  NTFS flavors that can be reliably written from both
operating systems.  See

If you migrate to a FAT32 partition, it can reliably be written from both
linux and windows with current versions of both operating systems.

On 11/10/06, Chris Rohde <veritastic at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running a dual-boot system with windows and ubuntu, and I can see
> the hda2 location on my desktop... so I can get to and run all my mp3's
> in amaroK... but I was wondering why I can't rename them from in linux?
> Ideally I'd like to rename and reorganize, w/o having to switch to
> windows every time.
> Thanks
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