Dapper to Edgy upgrade sucessful, with a few "X" GUI issues along the way

sdavmor sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Fri Nov 10 20:03:39 UTC 2006

Last weekend I replaced the motherboard in my Ubuntu desktop machine.
This is the box I've been porting my dbms apps to from Redhat using
6.06 LTS. Since the AGP slot was different, I had to change the video
card. No worries, I have a drawer full of these things, and selected
an ATI Fire from 2001. I put the system into "recovery" mode so I
could reconfigure X for the new card, and ran:

# sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

This took care of things, though I had to make a couple of passes at
it to get the level of resolution I wanted. After 30 mins I was back
in business.

Yesterday I decided to upgrade to 6.10, doing it in place by modifying
/etc/apt/sources.list. So I opened a terminal window and did:

$ sudo sed -i "s/dapper/edgy/" /etc/apt/sources.list

Changing every occurance of dapper for edgy, which I eyeballed to
confirm it had done it. Then I reloaded the list of packages from the
archive for Edgy using:

$ sudo apt-get update

Finally I did the distribution upgrade to Edgy by running:

$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

When I rebooted I no longer had a working X. So I rebooted into
"recovery", since the machine was hung during the boot after telling
me it didn't like X. I intended to repeat the reconfiguration of X. I
discovered that the xserver packages were in a broken state. So I set
about repairing them.

Looking at the messages from dist-upgrade two sets of packages were
held back: python and xserver. So I decided to shortcut the recovery
and force the install of the entire ubuntu-desktop, though I probably
could have got there by selectively fixing one broken package at a
time. I got all of X (and the rest of the Edgy ubuntu desktop) via:

# sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop/edgy

Once this was done my "X" configuration for the ATI Fire from when I
changed the motherboard worked fine. (It's a ECS K7 with a Sempron
2200 & 256mb of DDR BTW) I then used the package manager under Gnome
to upgrade python. So far everything I have been using works as
expected, so I'm giving the upgrade to Edgy a thumbs up.
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