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Fri Nov 10 05:45:01 UTC 2006

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 16:10:27 +0530, Afsal PA wrote:

> I have just installed the Ubuntu LTS edition.But
> there is
> no support to Mp3 or general video format .I searched a lot for codecs
> in internet.I didn`t get any thing for my PC.I am using intel X86
> processor.Please tell me where can i get all codecs for ubuntu LTS
> edition.

Fix the internet problem first then have a look at

Also installing mplayer is usually a good idea.

> I don`t how to connect internet using Ubuntu.I have dial  up connection
> of 56 kbps modem through telephone pls send the solution

Start a terminal and type  "sudo pppconfig". 
Enter the ISP details.  You may need to try a few different devices
for the modem...  


for a start.

After you get that working type in a terminal or "run application" dialog
(started with alt+F2 ) 

"pon" to connect

"poff" to disconnect

Or write a toggle script and make a desktop launcher

PIDS=$(pidof pppd)
if [ -z "$PIDS" ]
exit 0

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